Virginia Lawyer's Weekly: Winchester lawyer patents phone-tablet combo

By: Virginia Lawyer’s Weekly

A Virginia lawyer is pitching a novel idea to merge two popular formats for communication devices, and he hopes to find a manufacturer to bring the idea to life.


Beau Correll handles personal injury claims at his Winchester office, but he sketches technical ideas in his spare time. One of those ideas – to literally merge a handheld phone into a tablet – has won patent approval from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

He says his idea solves “the Goldilocks problem” – the quest for a device that is not too large or too small, but is “just right.”

Correll said he saw phones getting larger and larger, and thought there could be a market for a smaller phone that would slide out of a larger device when portability is key. “There’s got to be a better way,” he said.

No one wants to take a phone call holding a tablet or go for a run with the added weight of a foldable device, he explained.

“Now they won’t have to with our invention,” Correll said. He describes a tablet with a space for a phone to slide in and out, with the two screens merging seamlessly when the phone is in.

“When you want portability, you just slide the phone out and go on your way.”

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