Beau Correll

CEO, Correll Electronics, LLC

An Idea And A Napkin.

Many years ago, Beau sat down at a rural Southern restaurant for lunch. As he ate his jerk chicken, he gazed over at his cell phone beside the plate.

His mind began to wonder:

Why are some mobile phones getting so large?

Why are tablets simultaneously expanding and shrinking?  Some are approaching the size of computer monitors while others are little bigger than smartphones.

“There has to be a better way,” Beau imagined. He took a napkin and crudely doodled what was in his head - a revolutionary way of improving upon both mobile phones and tablets.


Cornbread. Yes, Cornbread.

Beau grew up in the South. It’s known for many things: hospitality, a rich history, breathtaking natural beauty. It’s also known for something else.  Amazing comfort food, from fried okra to fried chicken, brunswick stew to collard greens, to name just a few.  And a proper southern meal isn’t complete without one more thing:  cornbread.   It was in that restaurant that Beau began to turn over cornbread in his mind.  He started to think:  what about a tablet like cornbread?  A tablet into which you could slide your smartphone in-and-out,  just like squares of cornbread?

When a user wanted mobility and portability, they could slide their smartphone out. When the user wanted a larger viewing screen for watching a movie or doing work, they could just slide the phone back in.

An idea was born.

The Journey.

Launched on 6/18/2019

Launched on 6/18/2019

It was not easy.  Beau spent countless hours perfecting the design of his ‘cornbread tablet.’  When it was finally ready, he applied for the patent, way back in 2012. Like most inventors, he waited. And waited.  And waited some more.   And finally, word came: the United States Patent and Trademark Office said, “Try again.” And try again he did:  after a fight lasting several years, Beau prevailed.  His ‘cornbread tablet’ - which had been renamed the Phone-Tablet Combination Device - was awarded a patent.  At long last, there was a new way forward for smartphones and tablets.  Since the U.S. government granted his patent, additional claims have expanded the breadth and depth of intellectual property protection.

Beau’s journey took him over five years. It was well worth-it. Finally, there’s a way to combine the portability of smartphone and the functionality and usability of a tablet.  Finally there’s a way to give users the Power of Both.  In One.


Today, Correll Electronics, LLC, the holder of the intellectual properties of the Phone-Tablet Combination Device, is seeking licensees and potential purchasers to make this invention a reality.

The modern user deserves the best of both a smartphone and a tablet. 

The user deserves the Power of Both.  In One.